The Global Social Network for Voters will empower voters to connect to each other online to eliminate the gap that political parties typically create between the legislation voters prefer and the legislative actions of parties' elected representatives.

To eliminate this gap, the network will provide voters worldwide free consensus-building tools and services uniquely designed to enable them to circumvent the crippling mechanisms that political parties insert into electoral and legislative processes to prevent voters from setting legislative agendas and controlling parties, elections and legislation.

Currently, voters lack mechanisms for connecting to each other in large numbers online to determine what should be the legislative agendas of political parties and their candidates, and what candidates will run on the parties' ballot lines.

In contrast, the network will enable voters to set their agendas, individually and collectively, and use the network to unite online to form new parties, or take control of existing political parties, to run and elect candidates of their choice to enact their agendas.

These voter-controlled parties will be run from the "bottom up" by their members according to their own rules, rather than from the "top down" by hierarchically controlled political parties run by party officials according to their rules.

The members of these voter-controlled parties will be able to set agendas that cross partisan lines and build large transpartisan electoral bases that outnumber the electoral bases of traditional political parties -- and defeat their candidates.

Significantly, these voter-controlled political parties will be large enough to run and elect candidates of their choice without campaign contributions from special interests.

Once their candidates are in office, the members of the voter-controlled political parties that elected them will be able to use the network's consensus-building tools and services to resolve conflicts and pass legislation free of the acrimony and stalemates that typically paralyze legislative bodies.

Voters will also be able to forge electoral coalitions to conduct winning get-out-the-vote campaigns to hold their elected representatives accountable at the ballot box for their legislative actions.

Voters and parties with accounts on the network will be able to protect their identities and the confidentiality of their communications in several ways, including the option of creating blockchain-based identities. These protections will prevent trolls and foreign agents from accessing the network.

Below is a step-by-step diagram of how the Global Social Network for Voters empowers voters to bring about a unique paradigm shift in the way political parties and democratic forms of government function:

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