Proof of Concept

Proof of the validity of the uniquely integrative function of the platform of the Global Social Network for Voters and its two U.S patents (U.S. Patent No. 7,953,628: Class 705 Data Processing: Subclass 12, Voting or election arrangement; and U.S. Patent No. 8,313,383: Class 463 Amusement Devices: Game, Subclass 42 Means for processing electronic data (e.g. computer/video game)) is provided by the following facts:

  • Millions of voters and rapidly increasing numbers of political parties are conducting many of their core activities online.
  • Millions of voters are casting votes online, using e-voting software, including blockchain-based voting systems.
  • Increasing numbers of of voters are going online to contact their elected representatives, especially to sign petitions to pressure lawmakers to heed voters' demands and pass laws to meet their constituents' demands rather than those special interests. Unfortunately, political parties do not provide voters comprehensive mechanisms for defining their legislative priorities, building consensus around common agendas, or determining party platforms or legislative agendas of party electoral candidates
  • Millions of voters worldwide -- especially dissatisfied voters -- are trying to find ways to organize online autonomously of existing political parties in order to create alternative channels for acquiring and exercising electoral and legislative influence. Unfortunately, their efforts tend to fragment them into splinter groups too small to win elections, in contrast to the unifying platform of the Global Social Network for Voters.
  • Millions of voters are using interactive global websites to sign petitions that are transmitted to lawmakers, companies, institutions, and the media. Unfortunately, these recipients tend to ignore the petitions if the recipients are controlled by special interests rather than electorates and active voters.
  • 500,000,000 people worldwide play online games every day, according to published reports. Many are "world-changing" games similar to the multiparty online game of electoral strategy that will be built around the Company's patented System for Playing An Interactive Voter Choice Game. The game will be used to attract user-voters to the Global Social Network for Voters so they can see for themselves while playing the game how they can use the network's consensus-building and political organizing tools and services to gain control of political parties, elections, legislation and campaign financing.
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